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Samm Severin
Olive Lynch
Trevor Flanders



Decathexis was released October 30, 2022

guitar, vox, lyrics: Samm Severin
bass, cover design: Olive Lynch
drums: Jake Cook
lead guitar: Stephen Wilkins
Recorded at Mirror Mirror Recording by Graham Tavel
Mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow
photo: Lola Scott

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“The Loose Ends of Act 1” from Michael Cera Palin for December Cassettes for Me Release!

Michael Cera Palin, Atlanta-based emo/indie punk. Music for people who suck at parties, but kill it at kickbacks.
Est. 2015

Michael Cera Palin “The Loose Ends of Act 1” vinyl pre-orders are open now! If you can’t wait for the vinyl release, sign up for by December 15th to claim your CFM exclusive MCP cassette!

This will be a limited run of 50 cassettes and 50 CDs.

These exclusive Michael Cera Palin cassettes are hand-dubbed and assembled at Ellijay Makerspace. The combination of transparent case, j-card, and cassette make “The Loose Ends of Act 1” a real treat for Cassettes for Me subscribers. Be sure to hold it up to the light, they look like magic!


(hit this link, it will answer so many of your questions)


Ellijay Makerspace Grand Opening January 2022 (WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVITY)

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. Michael Cera Palin performing “Growing Pains” at the Ellijay Makepeace grand opening in January of 2022. Filmed by Cole Robertson.

MICHAEL CERA PALIN – “Bono!! Bono!!”

Follow Michael Cera Palin for tour and release updates

Released October 1, 2021

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Michael Cera Palin.
Mixed by Jon Buncic. Mastered by Jon Naclerio at Nada Recording.
Cover shot and edited by Clovis Goss (IG: artbydtaurus)

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Crosstalk ‘arrive alive’ for November Cassettes for Me release!

Crosstalk ‘arrive alive’
helena crimmins & friends make indie music

You can also listen to Crosstalk on New Ellijay TV!

helena crimmins: vox, guitar
amy cadence: dums, vox, guitar
jon williams: bass

recorded by matt deakin, may 2017
mixed by pj powers
mastered by alexandra ipsis

all songs written by helena crimmins, except track 11, which was written by helena crimmins and amy cadence

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RAT BABIES Live from Ellijay for October release!

RAT BABIES are a dark psychedelic, bass-heavy, guttural screaming, foamy-slobber spitting, sweat-stained, drum-n-bass, swamp noise, two-piece sludge/doom band out of Athens GA. Rat Babies have been around since early 2005. The current lineup features original members Mux Blank on bass/vocals/noise and T. Chodd on drums/percussion.  

Side A:
Drunk on Dreams
Side B:
Bury a Friend
I Know

You can listen AND watch RAT BABIES Live from Ellijay right now on New Ellijay TV.

What have others said about RAT BABIES?

“slow-churning, anxiously abrasive… self-described as “psychedelic-doom-noise,” and that’s pretty accurate, although I’d argue there’s a solid sense of melody in most of their stuff, even if it’s not laying right there on the surface.

Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine

“sludgy bayou animosity in the vein of Melvins with a Halloween Town, stumbling from the graveyard with an armload of shovels, feel. The rhythm is slow and the lyrics are dark and repetitive battles with depression and substance addiction– driven home with a plodding and brutal momentum and a bass distorted to Jackson Pollock fog. Think of Atrayu pulling futilely at the reins of Artax as he sinks ever lower into a Swamp Of Sadness where lilly pads sprout hypodermic needles and the sun falls brown through soot stained clouds. A personal apocalypse with every track”

David – The Athens Secret Admirer

Where you can find RAT BABIES:


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CDs For Me!

Cassettes for Me is excited to announce that we have CDs now!

It’s just like Cassettes for me, but it’s CDs!

All CDs will come with a digital copy, so you don’t have to wait for your CD to arrive to start listening.

Receive one new CD in your mailbox every month + digital download in your email. Free shipping in the US. (See other products for other countries.) Featuring artists from around the world, and tapes duplicated in Ellijay Georgia by the Fine folks at Analog Revolution and the Ellijay Makerspace.

CDs ship no later than the 3rd of the month after you subscribe.

Eli Pop – It’s All Around will be our first release for CDs For Me!

Originally released on Burger Records in 2014, Eli Pop’s It’s All Around is a stellar example of psychedelic surf, and we’re stoked to release it on CDs For Me!

Preview it here:

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Doctor Deathray is ready to unleash her Implements of Destruction on Cassettes For Me!

What up, you neon raccoons, hydrogen ghouls, and everyday Nowhere punks? This is your preacher of the truth, your guide through the unknown, your post-y2k postal worker, the Bard of the Blackout, your friend to hold your hand in the dark and tell you that it’s all going to be over soon. This is Doctor Deathray, and to those dedicated to the cause, the time is nigh.

51 Miles From Nowhere from Doctor Deathray and Her Implements of Destruction is the May release from Cassettes For Me! 

The good Doctor delivers the news in any way she can, and that includes the ultra-portable cassette tape! Hand-dubbed in Ellijay, Georgia, these cassettes are the raddest things your ears can experience on two reels.

There’s plenty of great music heading your way through Cassettes For Me through Analog Revolution.

Sign up today to get new music monthly!

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And the First Cassette Headed Your Way Is…

Put on a Show – Live at the Gilmer County Playhouse from Spirits Republic!

21 minutes of experimental progressive alt-rock as inventive as it is catchy, you’ll find something new and intriguing to pick up on during each listen, making it the perfect tape to play all month long.

It’s cool, unique, and we know you’re going to love it.

Listen to some of Spirit’s Republic above courtesy of New Ellijay Television

March also marks the one-year anniversary of Put on a Show, our live monthly variety show at The Gilmer County Playhouse.

We figured the perfect way to celebrate is by releasing some exclusive music from that initial show, and Spirits Republic’s awesome blend of styles is a great complement to the creativity and craft Cassettes for Me looks to offer.

If you haven’t signed up, you’ll have until March 15 to get your order in. Sign up soon, because the sooner you do, the sooner we can send your cassette!

Don’t forget, all orders come with a digital copy, so you don’t have to wait for your cassette to arrive to start listening.