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Samm Severin
Olive Lynch
Trevor Flanders



Decathexis was released October 30, 2022

guitar, vox, lyrics: Samm Severin
bass, cover design: Olive Lynch
drums: Jake Cook
lead guitar: Stephen Wilkins
Recorded at Mirror Mirror Recording by Graham Tavel
Mastered by Jesse Mangum at The Glow
photo: Lola Scott

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“The Loose Ends of Act 1” from Michael Cera Palin for December Cassettes for Me Release!

Michael Cera Palin, Atlanta-based emo/indie punk. Music for people who suck at parties, but kill it at kickbacks.
Est. 2015

Michael Cera Palin “The Loose Ends of Act 1” vinyl pre-orders are open now! If you can’t wait for the vinyl release, sign up for by December 15th to claim your CFM exclusive MCP cassette!

This will be a limited run of 50 cassettes and 50 CDs.

These exclusive Michael Cera Palin cassettes are hand-dubbed and assembled at Ellijay Makerspace. The combination of transparent case, j-card, and cassette make “The Loose Ends of Act 1” a real treat for Cassettes for Me subscribers. Be sure to hold it up to the light, they look like magic!


(hit this link, it will answer so many of your questions)


Ellijay Makerspace Grand Opening January 2022 (WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVITY)

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. Michael Cera Palin performing “Growing Pains” at the Ellijay Makepeace grand opening in January of 2022. Filmed by Cole Robertson.

MICHAEL CERA PALIN – “Bono!! Bono!!”

Follow Michael Cera Palin for tour and release updates

Released October 1, 2021

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Michael Cera Palin.
Mixed by Jon Buncic. Mastered by Jon Naclerio at Nada Recording.
Cover shot and edited by Clovis Goss (IG: artbydtaurus)

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Borrowed Time / Bush by Connor Dylan for September release!

Borrowed Time/Bush comes bursting through your speakers like a hijacked TV broadcast, with equal parts righteous indignation and infectious grooves. And if it sounds like a threat, that’s because it is.

Borrowed Time/Bush kicks off with I Am, a washed-out horseback ride through the depths of space and time, before fading into the A-side single, Borrowed Time. The first of the two title tracks, Borrowed Time is an Ecclesiastical warning about the futility of wealth and earthly treasures, in a surf-y, psychedelic package. Side A ends with Abraham Lincoln, Bearded Freak, a thundering sample of still-unreleased material from the Goop vault, laced with quotes from the Trial of the Chicago 8 press conferences.

Side B rolls in like a gentle tide with Atlantis, Full of Cheer, a watery, melancholic jam from the dark depths of the ocean. The heavy bass of Bush then shatters the stillness of the ocean depths with pounding bass and relentless drums. If Borrowed Time is the Ghost of Christmas Present in its warning to rich oppressors, Bush is the Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come. Layered with sampled news clippings and revolutionary polemics, Bush is an avant-garde soundscape that calls workers and oppressed people all over the world to arms. The record closes on I Am (Reprise), darker and more ominous this time, riding out of sight into the further reaches of the universe in search of new sonic frontiers.

Connor, also known as noms de guerre Goop, Burnett Down, and others we can’t disclose without putting him at risk of rendition by the CIA and Mossad, also serves as the keyboardist and explosives specialist in Doctor Deathray’s Implements of Destruction, Analog Revolution’s crown jewel band and one of the world’s pre-imminent blues-punk outfits. His hobbies include compiling documents pertaining to US Imperial policy and letting the air out of Tesla tires.

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July’s Cassette? Eli Pop!

It’s All Around is Eli Pop’s psychedelic-surf album, and we’re happy to release it on cassette for you to enjoy! This groovy, 16-track cassette is filled with the perfect vibes to kick off the summer! Sign up by the 15th of July to get this tape, out of print since it’s original release on Burger records circa 2014.

As it just so happens, Analog Revolution now has a pre-order up for a 14-track vinyl release! You can check that out here.

It's All Around cassette on an old television
It’s All Around!

These vibes are sure to carry you through as you list away. We can’t wait for you to enjoy Eli Pop as your summer jams!

There’s plenty of great music heading your way through Cassettes For Me through Analog Revolution.

Sign up today to get new music monthly!

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Oh hey, June’s tape was the Revolting Music MixTape!

As you may know, CassettesFor.Me is a part of Analog Revolution, North Georgia’s most kick-ass record label! The Revolting Music MixTape is a collection of artists we have and are working with, and we want to share it with you!

We were a little late in announcing this month’s cassette, but we figure you already know since it showed up in your mailbox! If you missed out, you can get your own copy right here: Revolting Music MixTape

The Revolting Music MixTape!

These songs range from thoughtful and insightful to blistering and raucous. We’re so excited to share it with you (and really we already have, as it was June’s release), and it’s the best 40+ minutes you can listen to!

There’s plenty of great music heading your way through Cassettes For Me through Analog Revolution.

Sign up today to get new music monthly!