I don’t get it, what is this?

Think of it as a book club for fans of independent music.

The idea came about because we wanted to highlight some of the cool music we felt wasn’t getting its due or didn’t have a major release.

By launching a subscription service like Cassettes For Me, we’re finally able to share some of our favorite underground material with an audience that will truly be receptive.

What? Cassettes? Why?

If you know anything about Analog Revolution, you know that we love our physical media, and yes, that includes cassettes (which we’re happy to let you know never went away).

We chose to focus on cassettes because of their convenience, durability, and sound quality. Audio tapes offer greater range and warmth than digital music, and cassettes are durable and cost-effective enough that we can sell them for a fair rate.

When will I get my first cassette?

All tapes will ship on the third (3rd) of each month. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your tape ships.

I prefer digital music. Can I still hear these releases?

Of course! While we’re big fans of physical media, we definitely get the convenience of digital music. That’s why every release will come with a digital download, so you can enjoy your new music whenever, wherever, and however you want.

If you’d rather just forego the cassette altogether, we also offer a digital only plan for $8 per month.

You can find your digital copy of each purchase in the Downloads tab on your account page.

What if I hate what I get?

We work hard to make sure every Cassettes For Me release is something special that everyone can enjoy. But, everyone has their own taste and that’s okay!

However, barring an issue with the cassette itself, we can’t offer refunds once your tape has shipped.

There was an issue with my order, what do I do?

You can edit payment details right from the My Account page, but if you have questions about an order or need to make a change, let us know.

We can’t always accommodate changes, but we’ll do our best.

I’m in a band! How can I get our music featured on Cassettes For Me?

Awesome! We’re always looking for musicians to work with, and we’d love to hear what you’ve got.

The easiest way to make sure we hear your music is to send it to Analog Revolution. From there, we’ll give it a listen and reach out to let you know if it’s something we’d like to pick up.