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Revolting Music Mixtape Vol. 2 – Muscle Shoals to Metro Atlanta

The 2010’s were a special time for Analog Revolution and Doctor Deathray. While Analog Revolution was setting up a record store inside a sleazy DIY venue in Metro Atlanta, Deathray was playing in the Muscle Shoals area of Alabama. Deathray grew up playing in Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout with Analog Revolution co-founder Ryan Stoyer, and they played the launch party for the magazine together. Up in the hills of of North Georgia, Ryan, Deathray, and Andrew Roach (also co-founder of Analog Revolution) reunited and brought the Analog Revolution record label back, which eventually brought the return of CassettesFor.Me!

The music of this decade shaped and formed the foundation for what Analog Revolution is today, and it’s time to share that with you!

This selection of songs comes from bands the trio either enjoyed, participated in, or both. It’s a hodgepodge collection, but each side showcases the sound in each scene a couple hundred miles apart. There are striking similarities and harsh differences; these artists inspired what we do today.

1. Time Machine – Gnarly Charlies
2. Leprechaun Bounce – SCM Electrix
3. God Don’t You Trouble My Body No More – Red Mouth
4. Existence – Random Conflict
5. Dear Virginia – Cheap Thrill DeVille
6. Dave – Bikini Atol
7. Eraser – Caligulove 8.
Praise His Name – Salt & Light
9. Indian Mounds – Rabbit Foot Venture

SIDE B: 1. Ya Got Jokes Kid! – Ito Clash
2. Andy’s Song – Pharmacy
3. Jesse Can’t Hang – Dog Years
4. The Sleepwalkers – The Boygirlfriends
5. Tripp Pants – Art Contest
6. Our Last Cigarette – Brett Schieber
7. 9:52 AM – John Thefruitman
8. Frightened – Caleb Bouchard
9. Sustainable Indemnity – Pursey